Telehealth Psychology

Telehealth Psychology

Video psychology and phone psychology are contemporary alternatives that suit a wide variety of clients. Whether as regional mental health support or for convenience, telehealth with Sovereignty Counselling offers a Christian perspective to clients. Following Covid-19 restrictions, Medicare and other funding bodies are funding Telehealth.

Although rural psychology support has long been an issue in Australia, Sovereignty Counselling telehealth is the solution. Video psychology saves hours of travel time and the expense of babysitting and accommodation, not to mention the mental health benefits of being able to speak freely in the safety of a familiar environment.

At Sovereignty Christian Psychology we realise that there is a particular need for quality counsellors who come from a biblical perspective. Due to the lack of Christian counsellors in Australia (and abroad) we offer professional counselling from a biblical perspective, not just to those who can travel come to our office, but to others outside our local area. Our Zoom psychology services assure clients of confidentiality with a biblical psychologist who is removed from local circles, ideal for a client in ministry or leadership.

Our psychologists and counsellors offer Telehealth services which cover a wide range of issues, including couple counselling, and church related counselling issues.

How it works?

Contact our staff via email or telephone 03 8742 4468 to arrange a telehealth psychology counselling appointment.   
Our staff will send out informed consent and client information material.   
The initial session is to be paid prior 24 hrs prior.  
Staff will inform you of the telehealth details of your therapist via email or telephone.
The length of time is at least 50min.

Technical requirements for telehealth

You need to have a device that has suitable audio and visual connection then have it set up prior to the counselling session. For optimal performance you need have a reliable internet connection. In the case of unexpected connection interruptions, telephone counselling is a practical backup option.

Our psychologists request that you have a quiet room without distractions, and have set aside the time for counselling.

See our fees and payment page for more details.