About Sovereignty Psychology

About Us

At Sovereignty Christian Psychology, our psychologist are highly trained professionals in providing psychological therapy. Not only are all our therapists Christians but are sensitive to how one’s Christian faith affects clients psychologically.

We aim to help people with their personal and mental health issues through professional counselling and psychotherapy. Our priority is to be open to both Christians and non-Christians in a non-discriminatory manner.

We believe Jesus Christ is the Sovereign Lord over all of life, not just the spiritual and religious dimensions of life. We believe there are many widely accepted assumptions in secular counselling and psychological approaches that are fundamentally inconsistent with biblical understandings. A holistic and systemic understanding of life leads us to recognise the need to consistently live out our faith in every domain of life. Counselling involves the deepest aspect of our human being, and such depth is intertwined with spiritual issues. Whether one admits it or not, counselling and psychology have strong spiritual dimensions. Therefore emotional and psychological issues cannot be resolved in a vacuum away from faith issues. Hence it is important to have a solid spiritual framework, which is provided by operating consistently from a biblical worldview.

We seek to integrate Our professional psychological evidenced-based counselling with a Christianity approach based upon a personal faith in Jesus Christ and the authority of Scripture (For more information about our theoretical approach see our Ethos of Integration of Christianity and Psychology).

What we are:

  • A Christian-based organisation with experienced Christian psychologists and counsellors (We acknowledge all of life, including our professional practice is under God’s sovereignty, and in response we seek to be governed by Christian principles)

  • An uncompromisingly professional and ethical community mental health service (particularly those outlined by the APS and APHRA)

  • A non-discriminatory, evidence-based therapy provider assisting clients to manage their presenting barriers and improve their lives.

What we are not:

  • A religious organisation whose role it to covertly proselytise and/or brain-wash their clients

  • A church-based organisation aiming to increase churches’ attendance and/or membership

  • An unethical organisation built on domineering, profiteering and/or unprofessional practices.

(March 2017)